Meet Our Genius
The Assets of our family

  • Suresh Rangarajan has been a passionate & intense start-up professional. One of the early adopters to the internet world, he was part of the founding team of Citi-Times JV Under his enterprising leadership, remit2india went on to become World's No.1 Online Money Transfer portal & one of the most successful internet businesses in India. WCRC and Ernst & Young also awarded him as "Trend Setter in Real Estate" in 2014.

    Suresh Rangarajan

  • Shortly known as AB, have spent over 5 yrs batting various real estate pitches(projects) A sports enthusiast, loves travelling and long drives pe "chai" is always on. With passion for problem solving, AB is responsible for for making life hassle free for the team at Co-Life by resolving trivial operational challenges.


  • Before blessing with her friendly face in CoLife SS was associated with infinity research. If you are ever looking for an honest answer talk 2 SS. She is straight shooter who knows ins & outs of Cowork247. She is the type of girl who’s not scared to get her hands dirty while working. When not working, she watch typical Saas Bahu serial with full attention.


  • Prior to taking flight with Co.Life DS has dedicated over 2 years of his life with real estate firm. His 2nd favourite S is sales when not cracking hilarious jokes. DS enjoys watching cricket match and spending time with friends Amateur adventurer. Passionate gamer and personal movie critic. We were able to summarize DS into three short incomplete sentences.


  • Life is all about learning new things, performing Crazy things and exploring new things. According to me I will follow principle of Football where ball never stays in one's leg it rotates to find the success i.e, goal. I want to face like a attacker and turn that chance into a goal and I am the writer of my destiny.


  • I feel that i am "Superman", it doesn't mean like i have natural power, it mean like i have the power of doing possible things. Note:But nothing is impossible for me.


  • “Positive thinking makes your work easier” is Ramya’s motto. She’s always been best at getting solutions quite interesting enjoys Drawing, travelling and playing with pets. In an office full of words and sketches, Ramya is charged with crunching numbers. She is responsible for the overall operations


  • Analyzing the things is his passion. How well tracking the ball for a wicket keeper is important,the same way tracking the inventory play's the same role for an inventory manager like Vamsi to put all the things in proper place with his dedication and work towards organizations mission and vision. Wanted to work in process and completes work in-time.


  • Currently handling the sales for CoWork247, dynamic n spectacular are the two words that define AG. His ABC of life is "A"dventure, "B"ollywood & "C"ricket. A travel freak, always starving to explore new places. Plans to retire at 40 and travel the world.


  • Humanitarian by nature with a genuine love for animals. She is a Travel Enthusiast when not working. She is a Badminton player. She is Chocolate & Dessert Lover. She is a Social Media Addicted. She is Enthusiastic and willing to take additional responsibility. She is Flexible and can adjust in any situation.


  • Sports person with outstanding energy is Ganesh. He rocks the floor with his performance may be dance or acting. A to Z performer in all the fields but hates studying and loves learning. Likes capturing the moments and worthy to face all the challenging and loves doing these in his own style and doesn't care who he is dealing with. I love eating and passionate to cook Non-veg items.


  • I am currently loving my all round job where i do all kinds of crazy stuff. I make people's life better by making my life better. I would love doing this kind of job forever.